The Complete Migraine Guide

Migraine headache

Migraine is a very common yet debilitating and pervading disorder that is suffered by millions of people throughout the world.  Migraine is cruel as it can afflict sufferers with severe pain as well as affecting their control over their own personal, work and family lives.

Migraine headaches has cause millions of work days to be lost with great impact to the economy each year.  In fact, it is just impossible to calculate accurately the total pain and anguish suffered by the victims of migraine inclusive of their loss in personal and job opportunities.  Fortunately for migraine sufferers, there is a hope yet in this new age as new medication and treatments has been discovered and developed.

Migraine has been around since the ancient times of the Romans, Greeks and Babylonians and most likely even the cave dwellers must have suffered from it too.  Even famous people are not left intact.  Famous people who also suffered from migraines includes Alexander Pope, Thomas Jefferson Ulysses S Grant, Dorothy Wordsworth and many more.

Migraine treatments

The pain suffered by these famous people in the past is as intensive and agonizing as those suffered by people of today.  However there is one difference in today’s world.  In the past there was just simply no cure for migraine.  Today there is hope.  There are various medications plus complementary and alternative therapies that can help to alleviate a lot of the pain suffered by migraine victims.  In fact, it is quite rare nowadays to find no aid or assistance for debilitating migraine headaches.