Comparison of Migraine and other Headaches

Difference between migraine headaches and other headaches

It is of the utmost importance that there is a clear understanding of the difference between a migraine headache and other types of headaches as the treatments for each types are completely different.  In this section, we provide an understanding of the phenomenon of chronic daily headaches which is a particularly distressing syndrome often experienced by migraine sufferers. You will also get to know and learn about some disturbing reports about serious dangers of chronic use of over-the-counter medications.

Since so many migraine sufferers are often confused between migraine headache and chronic daily headaches, a careful diagnosis is crucial. When migraine sufferers visits a neurologist there is no clear indication of “migraine” indelibly being stamped onto their foreheads. Hence before making a determination and diagnosis to determine and confirm whether it is a migraine problem, it will probably take the doctor some time in testing and good professional judgment to come to a conclusion.

The more common headache syndromes and conditions will be also be provided for your understanding as it will be practically impossible to cover the complete list of headaches that exist today.  Many types of headaches are of a benign nature, but there also exist some that can even cause migraine sufferers to leave this world.

Common types of headaches

Commonly recognized headache syndromes include: