Guided Imagery Relaxation Techniques for Migraine Pain Management

What is guided imagery relaxation?

Guided imagery is yet another easily mastered relaxation technique which can be performed by virtually anyone. This technique works by focusing and directing the imagination. To gain maximum effectiveness, it is best to use the images with which you are most comfortable with.

During the realization of the onset of a migraine attack, by just relaxing, using deep breathing and intensely focusing on the very vivid images created in the mind, very often the prodrome or premonition of migraine could wane or resolve and within a matter of minutes there is a possibility of escaping from the headache syndrome.

You can create your own imagery or listen and visualize the imagery created for you. Simpler images such as being carried by the wind, riding on a cloud or floating along the waves of an ocean can be imagined. These are visions of some calm and safe environment. Indeed, the more focused you are, the more detailed the vision in your mind becomes and the more positive the response the brain can elicit. Those who have successfully mastered the art of guided imagery, can often even control their heart rate, their breathing pattern and even their body temperature. All these can have a positive impact on muscle contraction and thus helps in preventing the negative and physiologic consequences of migraine pain.

Guided imagery, similar to deep breathing and progressive relaxation, should be practiced away from the acute migraine attack during pain-free interval periods. Once mastered, this can become quite a powerful tool in the pain management of migraine headache.