Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic Healing Therapy for Migraine

Everything old from the past seems to be new or fashionable again. This is applicable to diets, attitudes, fashion and just about everything in which we take part. Making use of magnets for therapeutic purposes is no exception. Even Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt, wore magnetic bracelets, amulets or anklets, thousands of years ago. Cleopatra is among the many who did believed in the power of magnetic therapy in reducing pain and speeding the healing process. Even today, there are some people who are convinced that they may have “discovered” the therapeutic benefit of magnetic healing treatment and that magnetic therapy for migraine headache really works.

Magnetic therapy applies the concept of biologically effective and active magnets which is not the simple north-south directed polarity that we are most familiar with. It is a rather different form of magnetic field. Base on the concept of biologically active magnets, it is predominately the negative polarity that is believed to improve healing. This is believed to be true not only for the individual cellular level, but also for the total body.

Many of us will personally gone through a positive “magnetic experience.” Some examples are feeling calm, refreshed and relaxed while the day’s cares simply floated away especially when sitting in front of an ocean’s pounding surf or by a quiet brook or stream. Why is that so? Could it be just the water or could it be something else? One popular theory believes that there are increased positive and negative ions surrounding these flowing streams and bubbling brooks and that in some way these actually enhances the body’s energy fields. They are believed to be able to provide positive energy, rebalance our body and restore our sense of wellness.

The same experience applies in a situation where we seem to feel really refreshed when sitting in an oxygen-enriched environment such as a forest. Some theories believed that the increase in positive magnetic ions together with the increased oxygen content of the air, helps in providing the greatest supply of oxygen-enriched blood cells coursing through our body. This will allow more oxygen, more nutrition and more energy going to each individual cell and to the joints and muscles in general. It is also believed that this can lead towards an increase in mobility and a decrease in pain. This can also lead towards an increasing sense of wellness and be rather effective in preventing migraine syndrome, headache syndrome and overall muscle-contraction headaches.

Questions has always arise as to whether there are any scientific proof or evidence that magnetic therapy can actually work or not. In fact, at the Johns Hopkins Treatment Pain Center, researchers conducted a controlled study on magnetic therapy. In this study, some patients with chronic pain were provided magnetic therapy while other individuals received placebo therapy (like a sugar pill). In the beginning stages, improvements were seen in both groups of patients. It was later found that those individuals using placebo therapy improved slightly however this effect rapidly tapered off soon after. However, for those who received the magnetic therapy, dramatic improvement could be seen. They actually experienced increased range of motion, increased function, decreased pain and their subjective rating of their pain remained reduced. The very fact that those who undergo magnet therapy experience no negative side effects makes this a very reasonable choice for people who have either failed traditional therapy or have rejected it.

Magnetic therapy treatment for migraines

Magnetic pillow pads

By placing a magnetic pillow pad on top of a normal pillow and inside the pillowcase, the strong magnetic field will stimulate the brain to increase the production of endorphins, serotonin and melatonin thus ensuring hormone levels does not go down to abnormal levels which is the trigger for the onset of migraine.

  • Magnetic head bands

    A magnetic head band something like a sweat band except that there are 800 Gauss magnets within the sweat band. You only start wearing the magnetic head band at the onset of migraine or headache. Unfortunately it cannot help to prevent the occurrence of migraine although it is very effective for treatment of migraines.

  • Magnetic eye masks

    A magnetic eye mask has the same function as a magnetic head band where it is often worn at the onset of migraine and is equally effective in treating migraine pain. If the magnetic eye mask is worn every night, it will provide the same effect as the magnetic pillow pad.

  • Magnetic necklaces

    Another popular option is wearing of magnetic necklaces which makes the wearer attractive while helping to minimize the risks of migraine occurrences.

However, it is also worthwhile to take note that some types of magnetic therapy for migraine headache treatment may not be completely free of side effects. For example, currently there already is a medical controversy as to whether or not high pulsating magnetic pollution, such as that seen around high-powered transmission lines, can cause harmful side effects. Although this has yet to be proven, a number of anecdotal studies and case reports have already been cited, mentioning such issues as headaches, memory loss, changes in heart rhythm, and altered blood chemistry. This will definitely require further study in the future.