Tai Chi for Migraine Pain Management

Can Tai Chi prevent migraine headaches?

Tai Chi is actually an abbreviation of “Tai Chi Ch’uan” which is a popular traditional Chinese martial art therapy. It is quite effective in helping to bring balance back to the body both physically and spiritually. Tai Chi is performed by following a series of very disciplined and discrete movements that unite the mind and body and which have been found to provide a number of positive physiologic benefits as well.

Although this form of relaxation therapy is best known as a variation on martial arts and self-defense therapy, it is much more than just a form of fighting. Tai Chi is also a form of internal therapy which focuses on relaxation, control and is a highly focused form of meditation. Indeed, terms like “fluid meditation” or “moving meditation” have been coined in reference to Tai Chi as meditation associated with movement or motion.

Scientific studies have found that Tai Chi is extremely effective in improving a multitude of physical processes, including:

  • Parkinson’s disease
  • balance difficulties
  • arthritis
  • back problems
  • muculoskeletal conditions
  • high blood pressure or hypertension
  • reducing pain
  • relaxing muscle tension. As tension is a key characteristic of migraine syndrome, Tai Chi can be extremely effective in helping to reduce the muscle contraction component of migraine headache disorders.
  • improving mental health
  • enhancing endocrine and immune functions
  • enhancing cardiovascular functions
  • enhancing respiratory functions
  • lowering stress levels

This Tai Chi technique will definitely take a lot of time during the training sessions as well as patience, determination and a great deal of effort to learn and to master however the benefits will definitely be worth it. There are many books available in most local libraries which you can learn the discrete Tai Chi movements however it is advisable to learn the correct techniques from Tai Chi masters in order to gain the full benefits. Tai Chi has become popular because it is extremely beneficial for the aged or for people who have a difficult time with aerobic activity and exercise in general but who want to gain the benefits of an exercise program.

Once mastered, Tai Chi is an extremely valuable form of relaxation therapy as it will train you on how to stay relaxed and calm, reaching a state of mindfulness which can keep blood pressure down, stress levels to disappear, inflammation and pain from occurring.  For migraine sufferers, this will bring effective pain relief.