Chocolate and Migraines

Can chocolate trigger migraine headaches?

Chocolate contains a number of compounds such as amine phenylethylamine, theobromides and ground cacao which are potential migraine triggers in susceptible migraine sufferers.  Phenylethylamine may affect the blood vessel tone and trigger migraine as well as headaches that are similar to migraine headaches.

Be aware than those bitter and plain chocolate actually contains higher amounts of phenylethylamine as compared to white chocolate and milk chocolate.

Again there exists some confusing yet interesting data whereby there are some migraine sufferers who craves for chocolates prior to a migraine attack, some reported that chocolate triggers their migraine headaches while others discovered that chocolate can actually stop their migraine headaches.

So even though chocolate is very appealing to the psyche and taste, it still has to be eliminated from the diet if it triggers a migraine attack.  If you still yearn for chocolate then look for chocolate-like alternatives such as carob which is a type of ground-up and naturally sweet bean pod which has the similar consistency as chocolate.  In fact carobs even comes in bars that look quite the same as chocolate bars.  For those who are lactose intolerant, there are even varieties of dairy-free carob bars.  Other substitutes for chocolate are toffee and penuche.