Emergency Headaches

What is an emergency headache

You should not simply rush off to see your doctor each time you have a headache. These guidelines may be useful in helping you to determine when a medical investigation is a good idea.

  • a sudden change in the severity or type of headache.
  • the onset of a new type of headache in individuals over the age of 50 should give rise to some serious concern as this could potentially be temporal arteritis which can result in a stroke or even blindness.
  • headaches associated with mental symptoms or neurologic symptoms such as muscle weakness, a drooping eye or the loss of balance should be described to your doctor
  • headaches that may suggest a more ominous type of headache such as:
    • headaches associated with intense fever or neck pain
    • headaches associated with an injury to the head
    • headaches associated with lifting, exertion, bending over, coughing or sneezing

If your headaches falls into any of these categories, it is advisable to seek the assistance of your physician immediately.