Sinus Headaches

Sinusitis headaches

The location of the sinuses is below the eye sockets and behind the nose at the base of the forehead. Infection in any of these areas may cause the localized pain of a sinus headache. Often there will be some marked tenderness over the sinuses below the eye sockets or in the forehead. Post nasal drip which is the accumulation of mucous in the throat especially when lying on the back, will commonly accompany this problem.

Symptoms experienced for the more advanced cases of sinusitis are often associated with fever and a general sensation of being ill. At this stage, it is important to seek proper treatment because if this condition  is not treated properly, it can escalate and subsequently lead to infections of the brain or its covering membranes, also known as meningitis.  Meningitis is a really scary and life-threatening condition so make sure to seek early treatment to avoid progressing into this serious condition.

In most cases, sinusitis often responds very well to antibiotics although there can be more resistant cases which may occasionally require surgical draining.