Temporal Arteritis Headaches

Temporal Arteritis or Giant Cell Arteritis Headaches

Temporal arteritis mainly impacts older people and is one of the more severe headaches which really requires immediate diagnosis and treatment.

The symptoms of the temporal arteritis headache are often described as a throbbing pain which is localized in the temporal area, feelings of being tired and ill and suffering an overall loss of energy. Other symptoms includes local tenderness and just the simple action of brushing the hair may also hurt. One of the most scary symptom is a sudden loss of vision in one eye. If this condition is not treated immediately, eye vision can be seriously impaired.

Diagnosis of this illness involves a simple blood test, erythrocyte sedimentation rate or ESR is usually performed. Although this term sounds rather foreboding, it actually refers merely to the rate at which red blood cells settle in a glass cylinder over a one-hour period. If giant cell arteritis exist, the ESR is often several times the normal level.

Patients who are suspected of suffering from temporal arteritis disorder will immediately be prescribed an oral steroid while preparations are made for removal of a part of the superficial temporal artery which is located in the temporal region. It is often found necessary for prolonged therapy with oral steroids.