Non-Food Migraine Triggers

Migraine non-food triggers

It is of utmost importance that your physician documents and considers a good headache history to ensure effective treatment of your migraines. During your initial interview as well as subsequent visits to see the doctor, he or she must work hard in identifying the main factors leading to your headache issue. It is only when the trigger is identified that you will have a great chance of improvement with a safe, effective and inexpensive treatment therapy.

Factors that can trigger migraine attacks are often not the organic causes of headaches.  Instead these are factors triggering or activating headaches when predisposed migraineurs are exposed to these migraine triggers.  Till today, it still remains a mystery as to how the exact mechanisms by which headache triggers hastens the onset of a migraine attack.  Many experts believes and speculates that the offending migraine trigger must have cause  electrical activities of irregular patterns in the cortex which is the external layer of the brain.

Migraine triggers can be broadly classified into two broad categories which is non-food migraine triggers and food migraine triggers.  In this section, we will be focusing mainly on the non-food migraine triggers category.