Allergies and Migraines

Can allergies cause migraine headaches?

The assumption that there is a connection between allergy and migraine is definitely not something new. For more than a hundred years, there has always been debates and arguments over what is the actual role of allergic reaction in causing a migraine headache.

Although majority of the neurologists do not believe that an allergic reaction is a potent producer of migraine, the concept of allergy as a migraine trigger still has strong advocates including staunch support from the public. There are many migraine sufferers who truly believed that they are suffering from migraines as a direct result of allergy. It could be that some of this misconception is the migraine sufferers’ inaccuracy in the definition of migraine. However it is definitely true that allergies can certainly cause headaches. Purely for that reason, let us analyze the nature of an allergic reaction and explore the basis for allergy as a legitimate migraine trigger.