Odor and Migraine Trigger

Can odors trigger migraine headaches?

Certain strong odors can be strong migraine triggers for some individuals. This type of problem can be really incapacitating especially when the migraine sufferer is unable to eliminate these odors from the immediate environment.   Strong odors that cause issues in susceptible individuals often emanate from:

  • gasoline
  • cleaning solutions
  • perfumes
  • colognes
  • lotions
  • deodorants
  • tobacco smoke
  • insect sprays
  • oven fumes
  • paints
  • turpentine
  • thinners

The migraine sufferer and his or her family members, friends and others should place all their efforts together to help in identifying the offending agent. People whose migraines are triggered by strong odors can be virtually powerless in many social environments.  The ideal solution in dealing and preventing these triggers is simply avoidance wherever possible.