Oversleeping and Migraines

Sleeping too much triggers migraines

Many migraine sufferers finds that the most effective way of aborting a migraine attack is through inducing restorative sleep and discovered that their migraine headache will not relent until they are allowed to sleep.

Although sleep is an effective therapeutic means in the treatment of migraine, any alteration or deviation from the normal sleeping pattern can be a potent migraine trigger in some individuals, unfortunately seeming to affect women more than men.  Any deviations will have an impact on brain wave patterns and may trigger migraine headaches in certain individuals.


Oversleeping can often trigger migraines. So if your normal sleep pattern is getting up daily at 6:00 A.M., it is not advisable to sleep until noon during weekends. In addition, shift work and jet lag should be avoided by susceptible people whenever possible.

Sleep deprivation

Another powerful migraine trigger is lack of sleep especially when loss of sleep is going on for long periods of time than your body actually needs.

Treatment for sleep disturbance

The ideal prevention for migraine that is triggered by sleep disturbance is maintaining a consistent sleep pattern.  This means going to sleep and waking up each morning at about the same time including both weekdays and weekends.