Sight and Sound cause Migraines

Bright lights and loud noises

It is estimated that flickering or bright lights and glaring sunlight are common triggering mechanisms for their migraines in about 1/3 of migraine sufferers, although why or how this happens is actually unclear.

As a result, many migraine sufferers tend to minimize exposure to bright and glaring sunlight especially those reflecting from water, sand, snow or metallic surfaces by avoiding events such as:

  • water outings
  • snow skiing
  • trips to the beach
  • or other situations

Individuals with this problem may resort to wearing wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses virtually all the time that they spend outdoors especially on bright and sunny days.

Another related migraine trigger is irregular illumination generated by computer monitors, fluorescent light bulbs or strobe lights.  Yet another migraine trigger comes from extended viewing of fast-moving and bright images on a television, computer or movie screen.

For some people, loud noises from automobile horns, high-frequency or heavy machinery, loud music, aeroplanes flying overhead and such can also trigger a migraine headache.  The best solution in combating the problem of loud noises is avoidance.  However in the event that this is not possible, then try using earplugs.