Weather Changes and Migraines

Can weather changes trigger migraines?

There have been many cases of people reporting a migraine flare-ups during a sudden change in humidity level, temperature and barometric pressure such as those occurring prior to a thunderstorm.  Some people reported suffering from frequent migraine attacks in the beginning of spring or autumn. Somehow, women seems to be more susceptible to weather changes compared to men.

When the barometric pressure drops down, joint capsules, such as the joints in the hand, finger, jaw and so on, may swell. If there is any tendency for the joints to be inflamed such as in Transverse Myelitis or TM, the swelling may cause pain and possibly trigger a migraine.

Other symptoms of migraines that are triggered by weather changes include:

  • anxiety
  • fatigue
  • lethargy
  • poor concentration

Since nobody can control weather changes, people who are affected by this type of migraine trigger should make sure they start seeking complementary alternative therapies or natural remedies or medications at the very first noticeable signs of the onset of a migraine headache before it starts to take hold.