Migraine Circulatory System Changes

Migraine circulation problems

One of the weird and unusual migraine symptom known as the “raccoon eyes” or “black eyes” is apparently also a result of circulatory changes associated with migraine attacks.  Other migraine symptoms associated with migraine circulation problems are:


More and more often, migraine sufferers are noticed to be very pale , except for flushing that can be noticeably seen on one side of the face which is the side that is in pain. In some cases, the blood vessels’ dilation can be so severe that it can result in actual severe bleeding or hemorrhage in either the nose area, or superficially in the eyeballs region.

Sinus congestion

Sometimes the increase in blood flow in the nose’s mucous membranes may also cause changes in eye pupil sizes, drooping eyelids and nasal congestion. It can eventually lead to a sinus congestion, the sensation of stuffiness in the nose, which can be easily confused with sinusitis.


In certain cases, the migraine sufferer may not experience any symptoms of fever but they may insist that they actually have a fever.  Yet others may complain of feeling clammy and cold especially in their feet and hands.

Heart rate changes

Sometimes, the heart rate of migraine sufferers can decrease or increase in this multifaceted illness.