Migraine Prodrome Symptoms

Migraine sufferers may sometimes experience a kind of advance warning or premonition such as a sort of “yellow light” alert, which is known as the “prodrome.” which actually signals the onset of an impending migraine.

Difference between prodrome and aura

A prodrome is not the same as an aura due to the fact that the prodromal symptoms actually begins slowly and can be very vague, with great variation in the duration of the prodrome symptoms.  Usually these vague alerts of an impending migraine headache will most often precede either the migraine aura or migraine headache.  The fortunate thing is that these early warning signs provides the migraine sufferers some time to take immediate action which may be able to help stop the migraine cold or at the very least allow to beat it back to a more bearable level.

Compared to the migraine aura, migraine prodrome symptoms occur much more frequently.  Before the onslaught of the migraine headaches, it is quite common to hear remarks from migraine sufferers such as “I feel like a train hitting me” or “I don’t really feel like myself today”.  There can also be other comments which can range between these two extremes .  It is important to note that there are some cases where a prodrome does not develop into a full-blown migraine attack.

Changes in mood

A common prodromal symptom is changes in mood which can cover extreme ends of the mood.  Sometimes the migraine sufferers may feel very lethargic and depressed and sometimes, they actually feel the complete opposite which is an increase in energy level and a sense of heightened well-being.  However these prodrome symptoms does not bode well for migraine sufferers.  It signals bad times lying ahead and they can suddenly be strike like a speeding bullet when the migraine attacks.

These migraine prodrome symptoms may be fairly well controlled by Inderal.  In addition to Inderal, injecting  Sumatriptan may also greatly help to minimize the severity of migraine attacks.