Migraine Raccoon Eyes Symptoms

Raccoon eyes or black eye color symptoms

Some people can suffer from very weird and unusual symptoms, primarily involving recurring “black eyes” also known as “raccoon eyes”.¬† The mystifying fact is that the black eyes were spontaneous which means that they can just simply happened for no apparent reason at all and does not seem to be associated with any other migraine symptoms.

There was a case of a lady who suffered from this unusual migraine raccoon eyes symptoms.  For the past several years, this lady had been suffering from a severe problem of intermittent headaches then in one recent year, unfortunately her migraine headaches had changed to become considerably worse. These new headaches would start as an aching type of headache and within a short 30 minutes would suddenly surge into excruciating pain, vomiting and intense nausea.

Quite often the migraine symptoms of “black eyes” or “raccoon eyes” would be present the day following one of these agonizing headaches, although the discoloration of the eyes could occur before the headaches or sometimes even when there is no headache.

The black eye or raccoon eye migraine symptoms is only one out of the many physical changes that can develop in a patient suffering from migraine. Doctors will usually treat the migraine raccoon eyes symptoms with a moderate dose of Inderal together with intermittent Sumatriptan which and help to greatly improve the migraine headache duration and frequency.

Migraine sufferers may also experience profound alterations occurring in their gastrointestinal  function, circulatory system as well as their emotional and mental states. Some symptoms of migraine attacks can often lead to excruciating and intense misery in the migraine patient.  Yet there are also some migraine sufferers who are driven into a lethargic bewildered or desperate panic state.