Migraine Visual Aura Symptoms

Symptoms of visual aura migraines

Migraine visual aura is the most common migraine symptoms experienced by anybody who has encountered any form of aura. Here are some of the migraine visual disturbances experienced by those suffering from migraine visual aura symptoms.

Migraine visual disturbances

  1. Photopsia

    Photopsia is the more simple migraine visual disturbance consisting usually of squares, triangles, circles or other geometric patterns which are usually either multicolored or just pure white. It is quite typical for the migraine sufferer to sees these shapes in any area of the visual field sometimes with the shapes even moving about. In reality, the shapes are not really there however the migraine sufferers can clearly “see” these patterns.  This may be attributed to the irritation to the vision center of the brain which most likely has practically nothing to do with either eye.

  2. Complex and symmetrical patterns

    Sometimes instead of simple shape patterns, migraine sufferers may occasionally see more complex and symmetrical patterns.  Ironically even if the migraine patient is already blinded or both eyes were already physically removed, they can somehow still see these complex patterns.

    Some of the migraine visual disturbances were truly complex and too bizarre, in fact they were sometimes just too unsettling such that migraine sufferers becomes very reluctant to describe them to their doctors unless specifically requested to.  The reason most probably may stem from the fear that their doctors may consider them to be a mental case. However neurologists are very familiar with this type of problem and so migraine sufferers should feel comfortable enough to report to the neurologists so that they can effectively help them.

  3. Distorted image

    Another type of migraine visual aura is when a normal object becomes extremely distorted in the eyes of the migraine sufferers similar to when proportions and images are distorted in the mirrors of a funhouse. A person’s head may look dramatically enlarged and becomes much larger compared to the legs which has been distorted to look disproportionately smaller or a person may suddenly appear to have an elongated neck on a normal body.

  4. Distance perception changes

    In some cases, changes in distance perceptions can happen.  The distance perception of how far away or how close the objects appear to be can be completely out of alignment with reality.  To be able to envision better, relate this migraine visual aura symptom to a car’s side view mirror.  When viewed through the mirror, objects appear closer than they actually are. Then you just need to magnify that vision by ten times or more.

  5. Movement and sensation disorders

    The next most common migraine symptoms of a classic migraine aura are movement and sensation disorders. Quite often the migraine sufferers may feel the sensation involving a feeling of numbness on one side of the face, usually affecting the mouth as well as in the arm and hand on the same side of the body.

    These migraine symptoms may tend to occur within 30 minutes and can really cause terror in the migraine sufferer who may be convinced that a stroke has occurred or that he or she may even be about to leave this world.

    Clumsiness or weakness in the legs and arms often result as part of the migraine aura. Sometimes the pain in a limb can be the primary feature of a migraine aura.