Other Types of Migraine Aura Symptoms

Other migraine aura types of symptoms

Features of other migraine aura types can be very varied such as:

  • Feelings of abnormal sensations of motion
  • Dizziness
  • Other hallucinatory experiences includes auditory misperceptions such as crackling noises or ringing in the ears
  • Experiencing an olfactory hallucination where they can smell something that does not exist
  • Loss of speech also known as aphasia, although comprehension of the spoken language is still intact Fortunately, both olfactory hallucinations and aphasia are quite rare
  • Feeling a sensation of “deja vu” such as re-experiencing exactly the same sensations or feelings encountered in the past
  • There are cases of amnesia being experienced during severe migraine attacks
  • Experiencing visual hallucinations which most likely is a representation of an irritation in the area of the brain that handles memory. Such an irritation may impact certain fibers that goes through this section carrying or triggering vision sensations