What is a Migraine Aura

Migraine Aura Symptoms

There is a range of symptoms grouped under an experience which is called as the “aura” which migraine sufferers may also encounter.

The migraine aura is a brief episode of symptoms that are related to a focal area of dysfunction in the brain. Generally an aura may last for less than 20 minutes and in most cases may appear prior to the onset of pain in the head.  However, the aura may still recur at various points of the migraine headache which sometimes can happen during the most intensely agonizing pain point.

Migraine aura symptoms may encompass:

  • simple flashing lights
  • wavy lines
  • having the character of a complex hallucinatory experience which can be really scary

However, so long as the migraine sufferers can fully understand the nature of the aura then it can be of great comfort to them and help to easily dispel the more horrifying aspects of migraine aura symptoms.