What is a Migraine Headache

Migraine headache symptoms

In some cases, the migraine headache can be completely absent or, on the other extreme, it can be so devastatingly painful to make the migraine sufferer seriously contemplating suicide. Most often the migraine headache can occur on one side or half of the head however it may possibly also occur on both sides of the head. Sometimes it can even just simply switch from one side to the other side. Suddenly the left side can become painless while the right side is in agonizing pain or vice versa.  For some reason, migraine headaches that occur on only one side of the head seem to be more painful.

Migraine pain

The pain at the onset of a migraine is often reported to be extremely gripping, pressing or viselike in nature which may later proceed to a banging, throbbing or pounding unbearable headache.

The pain of the migraine headache can be localized to any part of the scalp or face and even the neck.

  • Neck – The neck is not left intact too as the headache can even impact the structures of the neck’s upper section.
  • Forehead – In most cases, the frontal part or the forehead regions are affected.
  • Eye –  The eye region is also usually impacted.
  • Scalp – Migraine pain may also affect the entire skull and even the scalp itself can become very tender during a migraine attack.
  • Lower face –  In some cases, the migraine affects only the lower part of the face below the eyes and is known as a lower-half migraine.

The duration of majority of the migraines usually last from one to three hours although sometimes children are more fortunate and may experience migraine headaches of less than ten minutes.

The migraine pain can be so excruciating and devastating to the body so much so that few migraine sufferers can think of anything else except suffering and the agonizing head pain. To make it even worse, activities which can increase the pressure inside the brain, such as coughing, sneezing or vomiting, can be really agonizingly painful to the patient. Often migraine sufferers have to press on the pulsating arteries in front of their ears in the attempt to try to control the pain. Unfortunately this usually may not really help them at all.