What are the Causes of Migraine

Migraine Causes

Physicians are not truly sure what are the causes of migraine headaches although they do have some theories for the more basic causes. Most of them will generally select from the four primary theories.

To understand these theories, we do not need to have any medical background although it is definitely a good idea to learn and understand the doctors’ belief as to what is the likely cause of the migraine problem. You may ask yourself the question “Why should you bother to know?”  Well, knowledge is power and with power comes empowerment.  The better you understand your own body and your reactions to medications and food, the more you are empowered to fight against the insidious issue of migraine headaches.

It is really important to know that there is one type of migraine, basilar migraine, that can actually appear as a coma. Hence, it is crucial for physicians to really understand the variety of migraine disorders and how each one of them manifest themselves. This important knowledge may often provide doctors with clues to help determine the underlying causes of migraine.

The four primary theories of migraine causes can be classified as: