Frequency of Migraine

Migraine Frequency

The frequency of migraine occurrences varies among individuals.  There are people who encounters common migraine and suffers from between one to four migraine headaches per month.  Yet there is about 10% of the people who have suffered about ten or more migraines each month.  Then there are those lucky few who only suffered less than two or three migraine attacks throughout their entire life.

Compared to classic migraine, common migraine actually occurs much more frequently and then lasts much longer which is why doctors sees more cases of common migraine patients.  In addition, vomiting and nausea is again much worse in common migraine versus classic migraine.

However, this does not mean that classic migraine is better over common migraine.  It is also not something you can pick and choose as there is practically no control of which type of migraine you are can get.  Classic migraine although sounds better than common migraine has its own scary aspect which is the aura element which you can read up more in The Migraine Aura section.